FBlog » How To Use

Q.What is FBlog?

  • Possible to save the contents of your facebook page with a blog style format!
  • Possible to save it to Evernote!
  • Possible to see the URLs which “Like” was clicked on with a bookmark format!
  • Possible to know who left the most comments!
  • Possible to search through past logs!

Q. What kind of functions are available?

Q. Please tell me about the details for showing the range.

Posts in update status which were entered by choosing “show to Public” will be visible for anyone on the FBlog as well,
while the posts which were entered by choosing “show to Friends or Only Me” will be visible only to you on the FBlog.

Q. How can I synchronize the entries with “Evernote”?

When you use the “setting for Evernote” in your account settings, it does automatic synchronization.

Q.When does the synchronization to the Evernote occur?

Once a day, between 1 to 7 o’clock.

Also, the synchronized data will be the ones entered in the update status from a day before (Only at the first synchronization, all the past update status entries will be synchronized).

The first time synchronization may be implemented at anytime.

Please ensure your settings are correct.

Q.How can I obtain the past update status entries?

It’s available manually by clicking on “obtain the past posts” which is located on the right side in the account settings.
However, please understand there is a limitation to what you can obtain.

Q. I want to display all the comments.

Please select “comment display type” in the “display pattern” menu in the account settings.

Q.I want to search for updated status entries.

This is available with the “search form” which is located on left of your FBlog page.

The search range is “own update status” and “site titles for which you made entries in the update status”

(the comment search function is in a process of development at the moment)

Q.I don’t want to display to the public.

Please select “not to public” in the account settings.
The update status entry won’t be displayed to anyone else other than yourself.

Q.When does the status become the latest?

Once a day, it’s updated after 24 hours from the last update.

Q. I want to obtain the latest update status entry.

This is available by clicking on the “obtain the latest update status entry” which is located on the right, in the account settings.